Sunday, April 11, 2010

Reading Is Fundamental Reading Challenge

for this challenge we needed to post pictures of children reading and add a link to the Reading Is Fundamental site.  I have a bunch of photos that I took at my school's book festival and finally have the time to find them and get them posted here.

oh..... I managed to consume a big bowl of Special K but didn't read a thing this hour


Bybee said...

Have you noticed that Special K has really become so popular here?

infogoddess said...

so true Bybee - I find it different than Special K back in the States - thanks for stopping by

Joy Renee said...

i love love love those pics of kids with books! Perfect contribution to my RIFF mini-challenge.

Which by the way you did not miss. Thru no fault of your own you ended up on last year's challenge post. I just figured out in the last half hour why I kept getting comments via email that weren't showing up on the challenge post all of which bemoaned missing out but willing to leave their link anyway.

The links to the challenge were incorrect at the hub for the 2nd and 3rd hour of the challenge.

There were seven of you led astray who yet persisted and as long as I find the RIFF link & a contribution on the theme you'll be included in the drawing.

Read with Joy

Joy Renee said...

congratulations! you were one of my RIF challenge winners. pleas contact me: joystory AT gmail to choose your design and colors