Sunday, April 11, 2010

Final Tally

This is the end of my third readathon and here are my stats
READ - Silent Scream by Lynda La Plante  515 pages
              Waking up in Eden by Lucinda Fleeson 308 pages
               TOTAL 2 Books 823 pages - I think I need to set a goal of 1000 pages next time
               both books were from the pile that I won in last Fall's readathon

CONSUMED:  5 cups of tea
                         1 CapriSun Orange Mango drink
                         1 bowl homemade rice pudding
                      *  2 bowls of homemade chili
                          1 bowl of Korean Special K cereal with milk
                          3 large sugar cookies
                      *  1 package Lemon Plank cookies
                          1 small container of strawberry yogurt
                       * 1 package of sour jelly beans
                          1 container of pizza flavored Pringles chips

                        * from Mallie's care package

celebrating with a fresh strawberry shake - yum  - cheers and happy reading folks


Joy Renee said...

hope your read-a-thon was as wondrous as mine

Ode to a Read-a-Thon

Sleep sneak attacks at the oddest moments
The world tilts you out of your seat
The ground looses its grip on your feet
Then clad in not but the sky's adornments
You slide into dream as long regiments
Of text glide endlessly past your eyes
On the flapping wings of dragon flies.

by Joy Renee October 2009

read with joy

Shelley said...

Lots of reading and yummy food! Isn't the readathon great? This was my third time as well. That's cool that you read some of the books you won.

Bybee said...

Your page count was better than mine...I did a measly 699 in 24 hrs. That averages out to 29 pages an hour. Bleah. I'll make a page goal next time as well.