Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Books books books

In light of the latest economic news, I stumbled across this fabulous website that allows you to try and get the same value for your worthless stuff as that proposed for Wall Street. I have now posted my books (c. 50,000) to add to the pile - so do you think I'll get the $275,000 they are worth?

Saturday, September 13, 2008

My Latest Blog

Over the summer I visited my family in Georgia and my Mother showed me a book of letters from Robert Turnbull to his son the Rev. James Turnbull. These letters, written between 1827 and 1839, present a snapshot of life in early Victorian Glasgow and Edinburgh. Full of tales of who died and church gossip, they have been a motherlode of information about our Turnbull family history. I convinced my Mother to let me take them, digitize them and transcribe them. Sooooooo..... I've started another blog. If you stumble across any family links or historical inaccuracies, please let me know