Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Decorating with books

Lovely post on BoingBoing about an article in the Telegraph concerning the demand for libraries in homes. I love the Telegraph's links down at the bottom and especially the one to the dealer in antique bookends. As usual. my mind started to wander and I thought I would look for a blog about bookends and of course there is one. While it is really just a marketing site, I had no idea that folks collect bookends, like I collect books.
So I wandered over to Amazon and found a charming book about collecting bookends, and then , once again, found several more. And then I found an old discussion on Palimsest about books on bookends. A quick article about collecting bookends ensued. So now I suppose, one could collect books about collecting bookends - will the madness never end? Now I just need to get a set of pirate bookends!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Edible Books and Bernard Black

I went to the Edible Books Festival in Boulder - read more at the library blog. I can say that I learned an awful lot about the artistic properties of phyllo dough

On a more exciting note, I went to see "Run Fatboy Run" yesterday - an silly movie, really with one major exception - the divine Dylan Moran played best-friend Gordon - while not so misanthropic as Bernard Black, Gordon (and his delightful bum) reinforced my belief that Dylan Moran is, without a doubt, the funniest man alive
Customer: "Excuse me, those books, leather bound ones... "
Bernard: "Yes, Dickens. The Collected Works of Charles Dickens."
Customer: "Are they real leather?"
Bernard: "They're real Dickens."
Customer: "I have to know if they're real leather, because they have to go with a sofa. Everything else in my house is real. I'll give you 200 for them."
Bernard: "200 What?"
Customer: "200 Pounds."
Bernard: "Are they leather-bound pounds?
Customer: "No"
Bernard: "Sorry, I need leather-bound pounds to go with my wallet. Next!"