Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hour 18

Well I just started "Waking Up In Eden" which is one of the books that I won in the last readathon.  So far it is a story close to my heart.  It is the non-fiction account of a middle-aged reporter from Philadelphia who leaves behind her tidy little life to become the chief fundraiser for a botanical garden in Hawaii.  Gee, I wonder why I am drawn to a book like this?  Here is a great passage about her preparations to leave Philadelphia
It may be good for the soul to disposses every few years, but it takes fortitude to dismantle a house and confront your unfilled hopes and intentions, assigning them destinations: Put into storage on the East Coast; pack for Hawaii; discard
just finished chapter 5 and the first 56 pages while consuming the last of the Pringles and some really yummy Orange-Mango Capri-Sun

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