Saturday, January 31, 2009

Today's CPSIA News Round-up

CNN has a story on CPSIA and Libraries

"While we understand the process the CPSC must carry out in order to ensure this law is properly enforced and that the safety of our nation's children is protected, we believe the commission is wasting time and resources by zeroing in on book publishers and libraries," Emily Sheketoff, executive director of the American Library Association Washington office, said.

Publisher's Weekly is carrying a summary on the request for exemption for books

The CPSC General Counsel has said the Commission would issue a statement interpreting the impact of the Act on schools and libraries—separate from any statements about books as a whole—possibly in the first week of February. The Act is retroactive, meaning that testing would be mandated for all books on store shelves and in libraries and schools, even if manufactured or shipped prior to February 10.

Cute story from local Fox Affiliate with a little boy who wants his books

Daniel Awerbuck says that he would choose a book over a video game any-day. He often comes to the Monterey Public Library and reads books for hours on end. The library says that the law will affect forty thousand children's books that were checked out over ninety thousand times last year. Library Director Kim Bui-Burton say it would be a huge loss to the community and children.

An interesting take on CPSIA and print-on-demand industry

We are a book publisher who thanks to your newsletters have become aware of the benefits of using print-on-demand when introducing new titles or reprinting slower selling titles. Since most of our titles are for children the CPSIA legislation will make it impossible to use print-on-demand for books designed for children 12 and under. At that time third-party testing of at least one book from each and every print run is mandatory. The cost ranges from $120 and up. Your articles project large increases in digital print. How will the loss of the children’s book market affect digital print companies? Are digital printers looking at ways to address this problem?

I could go on and on but quite frankly I need to get some lunch and digest all of this

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