Saturday, January 24, 2009

and even more on books and CPSIA

from Publisher's Weekly

Last week, CPSC issued a letter to the AAP further clarifying some of its previous guidance. While not resolving many issues, the letter did confirm that retailers and distributors can rely on a general Certificate of Conformity to continue to sell or distribute books after February 10. Allan Adler, AAP’s v-p for Legal and Government Affairs, notes that many big-box stores and major bookstore chains have been insisting on proof of third-party lead testing leading up to the Act. “Retailers have been very nervous and have been issuing demands to publishers,” he says. “Now they may be able to calm down.” For the purposes of the February 10 deadline, publishers and manufacturers need to provide proof that they have tested the products for lead using some reasonable internal guidelines; the third-party testing requirements kick in in August.

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