Saturday, January 10, 2009

Day 7 of the CPSIA seige

I got on this roll about CPSIA because I was flat on my back with this flu/cold that is going around and I had way too much time on my hands. Last week folks on the used book sellers list that I belong to, started talking about it after reading the ruling that books were to be included in the products requiring testing. It really took a bit to sink in and then when I found out that Diana DeGette, my Rep, was to co-sponsor of the bill that started this whole mess, I decided to follow the urging of Nora O'Neill and sent the template letter and copy of a used children's book, Just Like Abraham Lincoln, to Degette. I also posted an e-mail inquiry to DeGette's website but as of today I have not received a reply.

On Monday I posted an inquiry to libnet, a list for librarians in Colorado, to see if anyone had heard anything about CPSIA and if it applied to libraries. Nobody had heard anything about but Gene Hainer, the Colorado State Librarian, said he would check with the American Library Association (ALA) and other State Librarians to see if they knew anything. Our library discussion centered on its applicability to Friends of the Library (FOL) sales among other things.

Gene appears to have gotten ALA hot on the trail of CPSIA and yesterday they got the ball rolling from a library perspective. Some great publicity on libraries having to pull books from the shelves or bar children from libraries, including this fabulous quote

Historically, books have been considered more dangerous to read than to eat.

Now ALA has a great wiki which includes a link to this blog - now I feel compelled to write more - lol

I've spent the week keeping my twitter updates online, posting to blogs, checking my e-mail far more than normal. I'm twitterd/blogged out - it's Saturday and I'm off to the Lafayette Oatmeal Festival, followed by a pantless ride on RTD and finishing out my day with another evening at the Festivus Film festival

Life is good!

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