Wednesday, January 14, 2009

ALA, CPSIA and books

As of Friday, the American Library Association

has been in discussion with attorneys, other associations and the sponsors of the original bill. Our analysis is that neither the law nor the legislative history indicates any Congressional intention to include books and even textbooks in the law. Please stand by – there is no need to take action at this time. The situation is extremely fluid and every day this week ALA has received new and sometimes contradictory information. The ALA Washington Office is taking measures to ensure this ruling (CPSIA) will not affect libraries and has sent a letter to all Congressional offices alerting them to the fact that we believe CPSC General Counsel has erroneously interpreted the CPSIA to include books. ALA is also monitoring the potential impact on other types of library materials as well.

It really shouldn't be a surprise that ALA receives new and often conflicting information every day. That is exactly how it has been for those in the trenches. It is pretty simple: Congress did not intend to include books in this law and the two person (YES - TWO FRIGGIN" PERSON) CPSC decided arbitrarily that books ARE included. No offense ALA, but I suspect you are more concerned about the big mid-Winter meeting coming up next week than this issue which is vital to everyone who cares about children. My request to consider CPSIA is still up on the Town Hall wiki.

Unfortunately for booksellers there isn't a lot of time left. February 10th is the day by which Certificates of Compliance must be prepared if they wish to continue selling in the larger marketplaces.

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