Sunday, September 16, 2007

Steampunk Fashion

I found a splendid example of an extremely practical steampunk apron over at Wyldfir Studios. Since the necessary equipment to start our book repair and binding workstation (thanks sq12tk at Ebay) just arrived at work, I think I will have to create an appropriate apron to wear while engaged in such activities. Along the way I discovered my Steampunk Name, courtesy of Brassgoggles (Ms. Lydia Beeching) and IRL I was just inducted into Daughters of the British Empire (if they only knew how I spend my days)

In the last few days I have become fascinated with Vapo Cresolene Vaporizers such as the one on the right - looks like I won one on E-bay

Last but not least, in deferrance to my aging eyes, I succumbed to lasik surgery on my right eye - lets see how this all progresses

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