Saturday, September 01, 2007

Blog Day 2007

today is the 3rd annual blog day so I suppose I need to do my bit...

Best site of the day (thanx to Library Garden) has to be Cupcake Bakeshop -today's recipes include Dark Chocolate Truffle cupcakes - if only I had more time today to bake because tomorrow I'm off to Three Stags Autumn Autumn Battle and Faire where our humble theatre troupe will premiere our productions of "The Eel Pie and the Cheese Tart" and "The Pilgrimage"

Now for all of you Star Trek and Edward Gorey fans, here is a treat courtesy of Boing Boing - apparently Gorey was a Star Trek fan and now Shaenon K. Garrity has prepared an illustrated version of "The Trouble with Tribbles" as if Gorey had done it - priceless!

And of course mentioning Gorey reminds me that I need a steampunk link today (isn't Gorey steampunk with humor?) so here goes.. courtesy of The Steampunk Home ... a lovely photo of Boston's Old Charles Street jail - I want a chandelier like that in my house

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