Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Wiki's and the library community

I have previously blogged about my experiences editing articles on Wikipedia and in setting up a private wiki for our library to use in developing policies. I've been using PBWiki and just love it. The newest version makes editing and adding new pages so easy. We have 4 different staff members all contributing to the wiki and find it very helpful for coordinating our policy development that we need to have done for accreditation. If you've never used a wiki before, check out the PBwiki tour!. It is so easy to use and incredibly useful for coordinating projects no wonder that their motto is “Make a PBwiki as easily as a peanut butter sandwich”

I've also created a wiki for a documentary film project that has multiple contributors. We have folks that add all sorts of research on their own schedules which means we don't have to set face-to-face meetings too often. If you want to see what that wiki looks like, check here

They also offer some educator videos so check them out today!

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