Friday, September 16, 2005 it's Thursday

Ok so I lost a day somewhere on the laptop's battery needs to be replaced so I'm doing this from to Cheyenne quite nicely Tuesday night and headed to Laramie to get gas....leave a copy of "The Cinderlla Complex" at a the gas station and then decided that I really didn't want to listen to music so I picked through all the books on tape that I nabbed from the library before leaving and settled on the abridged "Blue Highways" normally I'm a bit of a snob when it comes to books and would never have anything to do with abridged versions of anything but "Blue Highways" is one of my faves and it was the only edition that the library had...what can I was perfect

I met the author many years ago at a library conference when the book was hot and life seemed pretty good for me...I couldn't really relate to the soul-searching introspective aspects but his writing is close to perfection....travelling the back roads of America...looking for something...not knowing what it was...gee is this starting to sound familiar? is always number one on my reading list and now it got me started on this little adventure

I drove through Wyoming late at night wondering what the heck I was up to and lo and behold the shooting stars seem to be coming out of nowhere...what a trip...hey, maybe I should leave that trashy novel at the rest stop or perhaps they need a little relgious inspiration......napped a little...drove a little and then before I knew it I was in Utah and the sun was up and I had to decide which way I was going before reaching Salt Lake City......

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