Saturday, September 17, 2005

Thursday - what I really did

stayed up late on Wednesday with Dennis chatting about the book biz, it's highs and lows, and enjoying a cool clear Oregon fall evening - Thursday we drove around Eugene and Springfield and then I spent some of the afternnon just exploring downtown Springfield - interesting community and quite different from the energetic atmosphere of Eugene - I guess the university makes a huge difference there - Eugene had several interesting bookstores which I intend to explore later - Springfield has an wonderful Public Library - lots of comfortable seating - apparently enough internet terminals - a nice section just for young adults and a huge children's department - the place was quite busy and it was great to see so many folks actually using the library - bought a copy of books at the thrift store (what was I thinking - I'm supposed to be getting rid of books) - then Dennis and I drove up to Corvallis to meet the pirate guys - I got in too late on Wednesday night to meet them in Eugene but Corvallis is only about an hour away - what a sweet town but it needs more bookstores - hmmmm.....

anyway the book signing was at Grass Roots Bookstore, nice place, nice folks, funny pirates - run out an get a copy of Pirattitude and then have the pirate guys come to your town for a book signing - I tried to explain about my trip and how thrilled I was to meet them - got pics taken by their lusty wench and she promised to post them on their website on Friday - they plan on spending Monday at their faorite billiard parlour in Albany and I think I can stick around to see what that might be like

now I have to figure out where to go on Friday


Rhee said...

Can't wait to hear more of your adventure! Go girl go!! Thanks for sharing your adventure with us all. If you happen to take a wrong turn at Albuquerque and end up in Alabama, look us up!

ecopirate said...

Is that the Springfield where the Simpsons live?