Sunday, October 25, 2009

Mini-challenges for the readathon

first we had to get up and dance to something on our music player - I chose Virtual Insanity because we used it during the silent rave at Denver's Union Station. I like to use it to get motivated t do housework.

Next we had to list 5 childrens books

easy one for me

Alice in Wonderland
The Wind in the Willows
I am Papa Snap and these are my favorite No-such stories
The Old Woman Who Named Things

I could go on and on but I really need to finish Pride and Prejudice


Infant Bibliophile said...

Hi -- thanks so much for playing along! I'm really enjoying checking out everyone's lists. I'm glad you found this one an easy one. I figured by hour 17, we need to keep things light! I haven't read the last three on your list, so I'll have to keep an eye out for them. Enjoy Pride and Prejudice!

Nicole said...

You’re doing a fabulous job! You’re not that far now! just another hour or eight! Have fun with your reading!