Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hour 16

the challenge for this hour gave us a choice, the first of which dealt with Peeps. Now my natural inclination would have been to take anything to do with Peeps but alas, I am Peepless. Instead I had the most fun trying to guess accents. I love this site and if it wasn't so late for me I would try and do it all over again. My score was a pretty pathetic 28 although I managed to pick up some bonus points by guessing the city as well as the country. Some of the clips were too short for me to be really sure but I found it an incredibly useful site which I hope to be able to use when I move to South Korea to teach English.

now to finish off Umberto Eco


christina said...

The 16th hour! Isn't that crazy cool. And reading Umberto Eco - that's definitely not *light* reading.

Have an awesome night.

Kailana said...

Umberto Eco is rather ambitious at this point! Have a great night!