Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Books books books

In light of the latest economic news, I stumbled across this fabulous website that allows you to try and get the same value for your worthless stuff as that proposed for Wall Street. I have now posted my books (c. 50,000) to add to the pile - so do you think I'll get the $275,000 they are worth?


Budd Bailey said...

You might want to try You may pick up a few bucks for relatively new books that way, and they pay postage. I've made some spare change that way lately.

infogoddess said...

Thanks Budd
I've been in the book biz a long time and enjoyed the golden days of online bookselling - I cleaned out my storage units and this week we are having a bookselling fundraiser for my library - I guess as of the end of this week I am out of the game - it is incredibly liberating and somewhat sad especially as I talk to the dealers who have been buying a few books and then lamenting the death of the business