Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Decorating with books

Lovely post on BoingBoing about an article in the Telegraph concerning the demand for libraries in homes. I love the Telegraph's links down at the bottom and especially the one to the dealer in antique bookends. As usual. my mind started to wander and I thought I would look for a blog about bookends and of course there is one. While it is really just a marketing site, I had no idea that folks collect bookends, like I collect books.
So I wandered over to Amazon and found a charming book about collecting bookends, and then , once again, found several more. And then I found an old discussion on Palimsest about books on bookends. A quick article about collecting bookends ensued. So now I suppose, one could collect books about collecting bookends - will the madness never end? Now I just need to get a set of pirate bookends!


Glenn Locke, The Tall Thin Guy said...

You could get statues of Mike and I from that stupid video!

Jim Reed said...

Hi, Fiona:

This has nothing to do with your blog, but thought you might find it interesting.


Jim Reed

Jim Reed said...

My previous post didn't pivk up the whole URL. I'll try again. (It's an article about the Franklin Institute (now just called The Franklin). Sheesh.