Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Books that make you dumb

I'm finally getting caught up with my blog reading and found this wonderful link on BoingBoing to Virgil Griffith's fun look at the relationship of SAT scores to various book based on matches found on Facebook.

Bookride is featuring one of my favorite books, Wind in the Willows, which, thankfully, is not included in the Books That Make You Dumb.

Iconic Books has posted a link to the new PhD program in "Texts, Contexts and Cultures" which makes me wish that I wasn't too lazy to go back to school.

and last but not least, I've stumbled across a blog that is made up of transcripts from a World War I soldier and posted 90 years to the date of their original writing - you can following his experiences and find out more about Harry Lamin and his family during wartime.

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Budd Bailey said...

Thank you for not including "Rayzor's Edge" in this entry.

Signed, author of "Rayzor's Edge"