Friday, March 09, 2007


After devouring Popular Music from Vittula, I looked around for something else on my must read list and spied that copy of Eventide by Kent Haruf that I checked out of the library a couple of months ago. I must admit, that I love Haruf's spare-style of writing. He captures the small town on the Colorado Plains most eloquently and I often recommend Plainsong to those looking for a quiet yet satisfying read. Eventide is its sequel and while not as haunting (to me) as its predecessor, I found it a lovely read. He picks up with the aging McPheron brothers and introduces new characters and brings back a few of the others from Plainsong. Haruf's nomination for the National Book Award for Plainsong was deserved but I found Eventide not quite as filling. All-in-all a worthwhile read especially when paired with Plainsong or used for a reading group.

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