Thursday, February 22, 2007

has it really been that long since i posted here?

Ok - so I peeked at the blog and saw that I never finished the tale of my journey to Oregon. After the TLAPD festivities, I thanked Dennis for being such a wonderful host and headed back East. I took the scenic route through Sisters, OR and then headed toward Idaho and I-84. I had some books on tape in the car and realized that I was entering Ivan Doig country so it was time for "This House of Sky" - what a magnificent writer and just the story I needed to make the long drive trough Utah and Wyoming. If you haven't read Doig, I recommend starting here. His memoir of life among the sheep men of Montana after World War II and his relationship with his father give a sense of time and place that all can cherish.

I managed to finish my journey with a truly beautiful ride over the Snowy Range in Wyoming and down to Centennial, a picturesque town that I hadn't visited in several years. I headed on down to Loveland with one last burst of adrenalin, knowing that this road trip was about some sort of release that I desperately needed.

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